Mobile Corona Diagnostic Laboratory for Pandemic Response

Extensive testing allows to effectively control the pandemic.


South Korea



corona diagnoses per 100.000 citizens and day



South Korea


positive corona diagnoses daily increase 19.03.20

Our Bio.Kitchen Mobile Lab covers all processes for COVID-19 detection and safe sample handling



Safely isolate, extract and detect
coronaviruses using a mobile
glovebox and autoclave to sterilize
contaminated materials. Micro.Bio
provides six open source RT-qPCR



The station provides a centrifuge,
pipettes and a fridge and freezer to
keep your reagents fresh. The
convenient storage of consumables
and the safe transportation of
chemicals make it the ideal mobile
lab platform for any environment.


Syn.bio (optional)

Syn.Bio adds the Kilobaser and
Nanopore technologies for DNA
synthesis (primer printing) and
sequencing and comes with a
computer to read and upload your
corona genomic DNA and download
latest primers for your locals mutant

Allowing Airport Passenger Testing

Our Bio.Kitchen Mobile Corona Diagnostic Lab is a ruggedized lab-in-a-box for pandemic response

  • 3 mobile lab stations: Lab.bio (2 units), Micro.bio, Syn.bio (optional)

  • Easily transported and operation - ready to use within ~24h, anywhere in EU

  • Compatible to our molecular and microbiological lab tools

  • Optimized equipment storage compatible with Eurocontainers

  • Extendable table top area to a maximum of 7.2 m² (5 work spaces)

  • On demand: mobile energy generator and voltage regulators

Bio.Kitchen Mobile Lab Properties

Durable and Secure

  • Steel frame 25x25x2 mm welded and powder-coated

  • TRESPA® Toplab Plus® 20 mm lab grade tabletop

  • Lightweight, cleanable and robust eloxed aluminium AlucoBond base cabinets


  • All machines can be stored in “euro containers” fitted into base cabinets

  • Table addons such as garbage bins, hand soap holders, power-plugs, lights and hygienic paper dispensers available

  • Each stations tabletops can be extended by 850x700mm extensions


  • Each station can be lifted into a transporter or up the stairs by two people

  • Using its robust wheels a station can be positioned anywhere e.g. a wheelchair can access


Rapid and scalable production
First mobile lab prototype by late April 2020
Production ready to scale from May 2020 on

With 1 station per 100 000 citizens our mobile lab allows to screen up to 70% of the population within 1 year.

Maximum Capacity:

190 diagnoses per station per 24h

● Staffing: 1 clinical laboratory technician at a time working in shifts
● qPCRs: 6 RT-qPCR devices, each 16 wells
● Test procedure: Per patient 2 swabs (nose+mouth) with 2 PCR reactions + 2 controls are tested
● Cycle Time: 90 mins to result per run
● Runtime: 6 machines*2 patients * 24h/1.5h= 192 diagnoses/24h, rounded down

Mobile Corona Laboratory with Instrumentation

Micro.Bio station

  • Glovebox

  • Autoclave

  • Consumable storage

  • Tap & Sink

    This station is designed to complement Lab.Bio.

Lab.Bio station

  • Fridge

  • Freezer

  • Waste system

  • Consumable storage

  • Hand-hygiene system

90.000 €*

6x open qPCR system

120.000 €*

Mobile Corona Laboratories
are compatible with any
COVID-19 analytic system of
your choice. Contact us for
120.000 €* more information.

Syn.Bio station

  • DNA concentration

  • Kilobaser DNA

  • MinION DNA

  • optional pipette sets

  • optional centrifuge

    This station is an optional
    addon and designed to
    complement Lab.Bio and Micro.Bio stations.

on request


The offer includes the conception and planning, documentation and purchasing of the equipment (devices and consumables), pre-assembly of all components to the operational stations and a 1-day online introductory to the products and the technical equipment.

*excl. shipping & VAT. The price is a unbinding offer per unit and may be subject to change. An individual offer is available on request. Our production is scalable up to 50 units per month

Idea: DNA sequencing and synthesis - teleporting coronavirus diagnostic reagents

Coronavirus quick tests have to be provided as point-of-care personalised diagnostics. Using our Syn.Bio station, coronaviruses can be sequenced, their genome data sent over the internet and their DNA snippets printed again by a receiving Syn.Bio station in a different location. The printed corona DNA can be tested against patient samples in a clinic within 2h using our open QPCR. Thus, a programmable biological diagnostic reagent can be literally “teleported”. Patients anywhere on the planet can be diagnosed with personalised medicine in real time.

Target audience:

healthcare companies, hospitals, industry fairs



1 day preparation & 2 days experiment


Stations required:  

Lab.bio, Micro.bio Syn.bio


RNA Extraction &

PCR Amplification

of a patient sample


DNA Quantification & 
MinION Sequencing

Uploading to public databases

Printing Primers for specific qPCR


run qPCR on patient samples


run qPCR on patient samples

Future: A Mobile Lab can enable resource-limited locations with high-tech solutions sustainably.

All our Bio.kitchen mobile lab stations can be used as a technological support infrastructure in any place with the need for a laboratory. We envision their usage in resource limited locations for the following purposes:

  • Emergency response, e.g. for molecular infection diagnostics in epidemic outbreak situations

  • Complementary to mobile temporary drive thru test sites

  • Flexible high tech upgrade solution for resource limited laboratories

  • Enabling personalised and precision medicine on-site, e.g. COVID-19 Diagnostics  in pop up hospitals

  • Educational infrastructure for microbiology, synthetic biology and microfluidics, e.g. in universities and schools


Current low-tech reality: Immanuel Nnadi’s Phage Therapy laboratory in Bokkos, Nigeria

Target users:   Resource-limited hospitals, Universities, NGOs, Governments, Emergency Response Units

Stations required:   Lab.bio, Micro.bio, Syn.bio