Mobile Sars-COV-2 Detection Lab

    Mobile Lab - Easy to transport and ready to use in 24 h

    Core Technology - qPCR & LAMP technology and workflow for Diagnostic

    Online Training - Online education to train users

    Support - Supply of Consumables, Reagents & online help desk


    Concept - Lab, equipment and education from one hand

    qPCR technique as key for diagnosis from sample collection to result , including safety and data management

    Mobile Lab - 3 stations
    Durable, safe and easy-to-install. Compatible to
    our molecular and
    microbiological lab

    Optimized equipment and material storage solution

    Hygiene Concept
    Materials and instruments for dealing with viral pathogens provided. Personel protective Equipment.

    Detergents and Protocols for RNAse-free work. 

    Spatial seperation of work with infectious material and further RNA processing

    for daily lab work and

    Reagents especially for performing qPCR and LAMP

    Sample collection.
    The patient sample is taken with a swab, packaged and labelled.

    Virus RNA extraction
    virus lysis and RNA purification using established protocols.

    RNA amplification
    isothermal LAMP molecular biology test kits in 30 mins.

    QPCR protocol and CE certified molecular biology test kits in 2h.

    Machine result readout
    is ready after 2h.

    QR codes are used throughout the whole process and link the results to the patient data.

    Documentation by smartphone photo (stored offline).

    Instruments, Equipment and Test protocol for certified
    and research use only LAMP including all steps
    from sample collection virus DNA extraction RNA amplification until data analysis

    Online Education - 1 week intensive training including safety instructions , gener a l lab work and running the PCR and LAMP protocols from sample collection to data management

    Combination of certified RT qPCR and research use only RT LAMP

    qPCR technique as key for diagnosis - from sample collection to result , including safety and data management

    Test strategy

    1. Perform LAMP with all patient samples .

    2. Re test LAMP positive samples with qPCR.

    RT-LAMP = Reverse Transcription Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification.

    • Easy execution since reaction works at constant temperature and doesn't need expensive thermocycler

    •  Simple colorimetric evaluation

    • Recognize colour change instead of interpreting complex graphs

    Mobile Lab - fully equipped to run PCR workflow

    Our Mobile Lab covers all processes for Sars COV 2 detection and safe sample handling


    Durable and Secure

    • Steel frame 25x25x2 mm welded and powder-coated

    • TRESPA® Toplab Plus® 20 mm lab grade tabletop

    • cleanable and robust eloxed aluminium cabinets


    • All machines can be stored inside the mobile lab benches

    • durale and handy euro containers for material transport

    • integrated garbage bins , sink with water container , hand soap and hygienic paper dispenser, power plugs and lights (not shown in picture)

    • Extendable table top area to a maximum of 450cm length x 70cm in a total of 3 physically separated work spaces


    • Each station is on wheels and can be easily moved in a regular transporter car or mounted on Europlattes for cargo transport


    * The mobile lab setup can vary slightly from displayed designs

    Safely isolate and extract coronaviruses using contaminated materials The
    station is designed for reagent preparation SARS-Cov-2 RNA extraction and
    amplification with RT-LAMP and research-use-only RT qPCR

    provided with the
    mobile lab:
    (research use only setup)

    • 3x PPE personal protective equipment

    • 2x Pipettes holders

    • Waste system (autoclave)

    • storage system

    • Hand hygiene system

    • 2x Fridge , Freezer

    • Heat block

    • qPCR

    • digital documentation system (label printer + smartphone)

    • Table centrifuge

    • vortex

    • UV lamp

    • Eppi racks

    The station provides all tools
    necessary to diagnose COVID 19.

    IVD certified qPCR instrument can be ordered additionally. Diagnostic
    results are documented by label
    printer and the users smartphone.

    WHO conform concept with 3 Mobile Lab Stations*

    Online Education - Safety , Lab routines and PCR workflow

    Up to 10 participants per training learn the necessary background information and techniques to diagnose Sars-Cov-2 in our test laboratory. The lab is shipped ready to use with all devices reagents certificates and protocols. After one day of preparation together with a local assistant a four day course is given where every step is carried out by each participant. The learning process is accompanied by UnternehmerTUM experts with written teaching materials, video training, virtual live coaching and short exams to verify the learned content.

    Preparation Day
    Support Day
    Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Day 4



    Unboxing of
    the Mobile Lab

    Remote installation assistance service

    Training of



    Familiarization with the Lab

    Training in the hygiene concept

    RNAse-free working


    Sample collection




    Evaluation & Diagnose

    Mobile Lab Starter pack

    To conduct the training course, a starter kit containing consumables and reagents for 500 reactions is necessary. It contains all materials needed in the course and is packaged in a hygiene kit for sterilising the workplace, a sampling kit to take patient samples, a RNA extraction kit to purify viral RNA, a LAMP  and a RT-QPCR kit to detect the presence virus molecules as well as a consumables kit supplementing all packages with plasticware.

    Own and operate a Mobile Corona Laboratory with Instrumentation, Reagent supply and training

    The offer includes the manufacturing of the lab furniture, purchasing of the “research use only” equipment (devices and consu
    mab les), pre-assembly of all components to the operational stations and the technical equipment. Excl. shipping & VAT. The price is a unbinding offer per unit and may be subject to change. An individual offer is available on request. Our production is scalable up to 50 units per month.

    A custom offer can be made for a system with equipment certified after German clinical standards


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